Professor Layton and the Lost Future: HD for Mobile INTERNATIONAL ART COMPETITION

10 years after its international release,Professor Layton and the Lost Future / Unwound Future is coming to mobile in breathtaking HD! We would like to celebrate this with an art competition of characters and scenes from the game that left an impression on you! The grand prize winner will receive a one-of-a-kind 1:25 scale diorama of Professor Layton's office! Entry Period:From 3rd July to 31st July, 2020 Results Announced:August, 2020* *Final announcement date TBD.

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What is Professor Layton and the Lost Future / Unwound Future? This game is the third instalment– and the #1 fan favourite* – of the LAYTON Series, which has shipped over 17 million copies worldwide. *According to the book 'The World of Professor Layton'.

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  • *Please check the application criteria when entering this competition.
  • *So long as the file can be posted on Twitter, there are no restrictions on the file format or size.
  • *Only artwork such as illustrations, digital art, paintings and drawings will be accepted. Movies and animation are not eligible.
  • *Only artwork posted with the hashtag #Layton3illustration will be eligible.
  • *Tweets posted with multiple hashtags will not be eligible.
  • *Any artwork posted from a Protected Account will not be eligible.
  • *One applicant may submit multiple entries; however, each applicant is limited to the use of a single Twitter account.
  • *Any artwork containing characters from outside of the Layton Series will not be eligible.
  • *Please be aware that the winners’ Tweets and Tweets that fulfil the application criteria (including Twitter account name, Tweet contents and artwork image) may be posted or shared on the official Layton Series websites, Twitter, Facebook or other platforms. (We will not retweet, quote or introduce any competition entry Tweets. Retweets and like counts will not impact the judging in any way.)
  • *Before entering into this competition, all entry requirements determined by LEVEL-5 Inc. must be reviewed and agreed to. Entry to this competition indicates agreement to the above conditions.

LEVEL-5 Inc. (‘LEVEL-5’ or ‘we’) requests that applicants (‘you’) confirm and agree to the following application criteria laid out by LEVEL-5 before entering the ‘Professor Layton and the Lost Future / Unwound Future: HD for Mobile International Art Competition’ (the ‘Competition’). You are deemed to have agreed to these conditions when you enter artwork into the Competition.

  • ・Entry to the Competition is complete once an applicant has: followed one of the Layton Series Twitter accounts (either @L5_layton or @LaytonSeries); then posted artwork created by the applicant on Twitter that matches the theme of the Competition, along with a comment about the artwork and the hashtag #Layton3illustration written in the post. (Tweets without this hashtag or with multiple hashtags will not be eligible.)
  • ・The entry deadline is 31st July, 2020 at 23:59 (JST) / 14:59 (GMT).
  • ・So long as the file can be posted on Twitter, there are no restrictions on the file format (jpg, png, etc.) or size.
    • *One applicant may submit multiple entries; however, each applicant is limited to the use of a single Twitter account.
    • *This Competition is in no way connected to Twitter, Inc.
【Entry Conditions】
  • ・Applicants must have a Twitter account.
  • ・Applicants must follow either one the official Layton Series Twitter accounts: @L5_layton or @LaytonSeries.
  • ・Any underage applicants must have permission from a legal guardian to enter. Underage applicants are deemed to have received such approval when they enter artwork into the Competition.
  • ・This Competition uses the Twitter campaign tool ‘OWNLY’ which is managed by Smart Share Inc. Eligible Tweets will automatically appear on OWNLY’s Competition page.
  • ・Upon agreeing to these application criteria, applicants will be able to enter the Competition via the specified method.
    • *We ask that applicants affiliated with any publishing or illustration companies obtain prior permission from their affiliated companies before entering the Competition.
  • ・Applicants must set their Twitter accounts so they are able to receive direct messages (DMs) from anyone.
    • *Protected twitter accounts are not eligible to enter the Competition.
    • *Entries will no longer be eligible should the following occur after submission:
      • -Applicants unfollow @L5_layton or @LaytonSeries;
      • -Applicants delete the Tweet with their entry artwork;
      • -Applicants change their Tweet privacy settings from public to protected; or,
      • -Applicants change or delete their Twitter account ID.
    • *There may be cases where entries from accounts that break the Twitter terms of use, or accounts which LEVEL-5 find inappropriate, may not be eligible.
【Judging and Announcing the Winners】
  • ・Once impartial judging is complete, the winning artworks will be announced on the Competition website as well as the official Layton Series Twitter accounts, @L5_layton and @LaytonSeries.
  • ・The winning applicants will be contacted via direct message from either one of the official Layton Series Twitter accounts: @L5_layton or @LaytonSeries.
  • ・All direct messaging will be conducted in English or Japanese only.
  • ・Other than contacting the winners, LEVEL-5 will not discuss the results via individual communications.
  • ・Please be aware that LEVEL-5 is unable to answer questions on the judging process or results for the Competition.
  • ・Winners will be deemed forfeit in the event that LEVEL-5 does not receive a reply to their direct message within 7 days, or if the applicant changes their settings so they cannot receive direct messages.
  • ・Winners may lose their rights to prizes should their address be invalid, or if their address changes due to a move.
  • ・Please refrain from: transferring prizes or the rights to receive prizes to third parties; selling or exchanging the prizes for money or other items of monetary value; or the placing of prizes on internet auctions.
  • ・Applicants agree that, regardless of whether a prize is received or not, LEVEL-5 may reproduce and exhibit, partially or in their entirety, their entry’s artwork on various forms of media, including but not limited to: the official Layton Series accounts; websites managed by LEVEL-5; distributed videos, programmes, advertisements or publications; and at events. Furthermore, applicants agree to allow parts of reproduced and exhibited works to be edited, summarized, adapted and modified as circumstances necessitate.
  • ・The applicant agrees not exercise or assert their moral rights for the entered artwork in regards to LEVEL-5, as well as any third parties designated by LEVEL-5.
  • ・Copyright (including, but not limited to, rights under Articles 27 and 28 of the Japanese Copyright Act) for winning artwork will be transferred to LEVEL-5.
【Personal Information】
  • ・We will only use the personal information obtained from the winners of this Competition for the purpose of contacting and distributing prizes, and will take the utmost care regarding security in order to safely handle your personal information.
  • ・Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information as to how we handle personal information.
  • ・Applicants to this Competition must agree to both these application criteria and our Privacy Policy.
  • ・Applicants accept all responsibilities and costs related to participation when entering this Competition. We cannot accept responsibility for any and all kind of damages assumed to have occurred in regard to this Competition. (This includes but is not limited to a change, suspension or termination of this Competition.)
  • ・Entered artwork that falls under the following criteria will not be considered eligible for judging:
    • -Items that infringe the ownership rights, intellectual property rights including copyright,right of likeness usage, honour, reputation or privacy of a third party;
    • -Items that do not follow the Competition theme;
    • -Items that are deemed obscene, cruel or discriminatory, as well as items that cause discomfort to third parties;
    • -Items that violate or may be viewed as potentially violating social standards;
    • -Items that we deem unsuitable for public display;
    • -Items that aim to advertise or solicit others into business activities, political activities and particular ideologies or religions.
    Additionally, applicants who entered artwork that is deemed to have reason for ineligibility after judging may have their prizes forfeited.
  • ・LEVEL-5 cannot accept any responsibility for issues that occur from statements made on applicants’ Twitter accounts, including the actual application posts.
  • ・We cannot accept responsibility for any damages that occur due to suspensions or termination of this Competition as a result of the operating environments of Twitter and associated applications.
  • ・No matter the cause, we cannot accept any responsibility for any disputes that arise concerning applicants’ entries and selection in this Competition, or between applicants and any third parties.
  • ・We reserve the right to change, suspend or terminate this Competition without any prior notice should we deem it necessary.
  • ・Any changes made to the Contest’s application criteria will be applicable immediately after the change has been implemented into this document.