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Introducing the Puzzle Master

Best-selling author of the ‘Atama no Taisou’
(lit. ‘Head Gymnastics’) books.

Akira Tago
Akira Tago was a famous professor from Chiba University.
He had numerous best sellers stemming from his many original ideas, not to mention his research work in psychology.
During his lifetime he conducted research in various fields, from preschool education to issues afflicting the elderly, and his lectures and television/radio appearances were always well received.

Smoother, sharper animation for heightened effect!
Brilliant brain-teasers brought to you
in breathtaking detail!

The Story

Professor Layton receives a letter from an old friend and mentor, Dr Andrew Schrader.

‘After years of searching, the elusive Pandora’s Box is finally in my possession.
Initially, it was my intention to finish my research before daring to open its lid.
But I must confess that my curiosity is simply overpowering.
In the unlikely event that anything should happen to me,
please finish the work I’ve started here.’

Understandably concerned,
Professor Layton and his assistant Luke set off to visit Schrader at once.
Sadly, however, they are too late…

Pandora’s Box… Said to claim the lives of any foolish enough to lift its lid.
Could the beautiful box genuinely be cursed?
Or is there some Machiavellian miscreant at play?

The box itself has disappeared from Schrader’s flat.
What the professor and Luke do discover, however,
is a stamped ticket for the Molentary Express.
Could the ticket be some kind of message from beyond the grave?

Following their only lead, Layton and Luke board the luxury
train and begin a puzzle-laden adventure that leads them deep
into the unexpected.

Hershel Layton/Luke Triton

A Story Steeped in

Using familiar touch controls,
uncover puzzles and
eventually solve the mystery of the Elysian Box!

The professor poses a puzzle about the scenery.../You solve it like a pro!/And the story moves on.


  • The Curious Camera

    Sammy's accidentally broken this camera, and now it's down to you to collect and reassemble the missing parts. By snapping shots of different locations with the fixed device, you can play some games of spot-the-difference.

  • The Hefty Hamster

    This chubby hamster, whom you stumble across on the Molentary Express, is in dire need of a diet! Encourage the rodent to do some exercise, and help him burn off some calories.

  • The Traveller's Tea Set

    Gather suitable ingredients for herbal teas and serve up your concoctions to people you meet on your travels.
    Can you become a brill brewer and work out all the different blends?


  • Professor Layton/Professor Hershel Layton is a famous archaeologist, well known for using his impressive intelligence and powers of observation to solve mysterious cases.
  • Luke/Luke Triton is the professor's self-proclaimed apprentice. He's sharp witted and sharp eyed, and also has a special ability to talk to animals.
  • Anton/A young man shrouded in mystery. Some even say he's really a vampire...
  • Katia/A young woman travelling on the Molentary Express about whom little seems to be known. The professor and Luke meet her on board, but where exactly is she going...?
  • Flora/This young lady became known to Professor Layton in St Mystere. Is she going to be accompanying the professor and Luke on this adventure, too?
  • Inspector Chelmey/A shrewd police inspector from London's Scotland Yard. He's also riding the Molentary Express, in search of clues to help him solve the mystery of Dr Schrader's death.
  • Dr Andrew Schrader/A rather eccentric archaeologist with a distinctive white beard and moustache, who's an old friend of Layton's. He simply can't resist anything with a mystery to it.
  • Sammy/The conductor of the Molentary Express, who has a real penchant for rock music but fails to keep the train punk-tual! Everything about him is grunge, dude, from the way he glams in that uniform, to the mic he seems to keep up his sleeve.